Spring Deck Clean and Stain

When you look at your fence and deck are you thinking that they have seen better days? Are you thinking that it’s a hard job to do? I bought a home last year and the whole side yard is all wood deck and it looked terrible. The previous owner did not do much maintenance on the deck and so it was priority 1 on my to-do list this spring. It’s a perfect time to rejuvenate decks and fencing so I want to tell you exactly what I did in my yard. First thing remove all the furniture and plants off the deck, and inspect the wood for any loose nails or screws because you need to secure them all back down. Sweep off the deck and look at the surface of the wood and if it’s just dirty from mildew and mold then 30 Second Out/Door Cleaner will clean it up. If your deck has some serious staining Cabot makes a Deck Brightener that you spray on and let set for 15 -20 minutes and then rinse. Now give the deck about 2 days to completely dry out. Go to your local hardware store and pick out stain and brushes. What you want in South Texas is an oil based stain and the one I used was Cabot Stain Australian Timber Oil. I know that water based stains are easy to clean up but you will only have to apply 1 coat of Cabot stain instead of several coats of latex. There are a lot of options as far as coverage and color with Cabot Stains so finding the one for your project is easy. Start your project by brushing on the stain on the handrails and posts first, trying not to have lap marks. But if you do get a lap mark, do what the pros do, blend it in with a t-shirt rag. Next stain the deck floor, and use a stain pad. Some DIYers use a pump up sprayer, but you still have to roll out any streaks and puddles. Puddles stay sticky and never dry out. Pros use a stain pad. There are several on the market but I like the Cabot Stain Pad because it will get the stain down into the wood fibers eliminating the need to back brush the whole project. I have to tell you, when I bought my house and I saw the deck the first thing I thought of was tearing it out. Dad was with me and he suggested that I try and save the deck using the Cabot stain. He was right. I used the Mahogany Flame in the Australian Timber Oil and the deck looks beautiful and costs less than $150.00 to restore. This is an easy project, that only took me a weekend and you can do it yourself. The next project is the fence and I will post before and after pictures on the website. If you have any questions about your deck, email me at happyhandyman2@yahoo.com We have added several videos on the website, I am so excited about it…check them out!

Now to the email…..

Question: I went on vacation and when I came home there was an odor coming from the garbage disposal. Well I cleared out what was in it but there is a lingering odor. Is there something I can clean it with that would take the odor away?
Answer: Yes there is and it’s called Instant Power Disposal Cleaner. It is the only cleaner that you can use on the disposal side of the sink. Pour in 4 oz (it’s marked on the container) in the disposal and turn on the disposal for just a few seconds, and then leave over night. The next morning your whole kitchen will smell great and the disposal will be sweet smelling. Great question!!

Question: I have a concrete birdbath that had broken into two pieces – can I glue it back together?
Answer: Yes, use a PC-7. This strong epoxy will reattach just about anything. Then brush the inside a couple of times with a product Through The Roof and that will keep it from leaking. It’s a clear coat that will last for years. Let it cure for 7 days.