Regency Fans

I am dying to tell you about a fan that I am completely sold out of. I knew the minute that Regency Fan started producing them that they would fly out of the store, and I was right. This ceiling fan has eight 66 inch blades and a six speed DC motor. A DC motor runs by magnets and even though a ceiling fan will cost you pennies in energy dollars, the DC motor runs even more efficiently. This fan has a 12 ½ degree pitch on the blades and though some of my Regency Fans have a higher pitch on the blades when I turn this fan on, all the other fans around it start turning from the wind movement. Does that sound like something you might be interested in? I know I am! The more wind chill a fan produces the more comfortable you will feel outside on your patio. This fan also has a LED light kit included that has light output of 1200 lumens. And it also comes with a remote so you never have to reach up and yank on a pull chain for a different speed or light. The Vantage Fan by Regency comes in an Oil Rubbed Bronze color for the exterior fan, and a Brushed Nickel for the interior version of the fan. They both have life time warranties and have more of a modern industrial look. Go to…”” and get a good look at the Vantage Fan and the other new outdoor fans, the Ciara and the Andros. I have both of those fans in stock if you just can’t wait. In Texas we always like to say “Bigger is Better” and with the Vantage Fan from Regency that is no lie, just the facts!

Now to some great email…..

Question: We saw your recommendation last week for treating a front door with Restore A Finish and the Sun Shield. Would like to know if the Sun Shield alone would be effective applied to a mahogany painted door?

Answer: The Sun Shield is not made for painted finishes only for stained varnished doors. If you need to refinish the door, use good enamel called Rust Scat Enamel by Coronado . It comes in oil or latex and can be tinted to any color.

Question: I have a metal bench that is perfect except when it get wet and then rusty water will seep out of the cracks where the metal parts join and also around the screws. I cleaned it up and repainted it but since we have had so much rain, it is getting some rusty streaks again. Will the Rust Cure help?

Answer: Yes, spray the bench with the Rust Cure where you think the rust is coming from. Wait an hour then wipe off the oily residue. Give the bench a week to cure before putting it out side where it might get rained on again. Now it will never rust again.

Question: My Dad has an old sliding glass door that is dragging and is really hard for him to close. I want him to replace it, but that just isn’t going to happen. Is there anything that I can do on my own to make this door easier on my Dad to open and close?

Answer: I remember a sliding glass door we had at a lake house quite a few years ago that was the largest, heaviest door I have ever tried to open and close. First we cleaned the track with paint thinner on a rag. Then if any of the rails on the track are bent, straighten them up with a pair of pliers. Then use Tri Flow on the track spraying and moving the door up and down the track. Don’t worry you can’t use too much. If the track is real messed up, you can pop a stainless steel replacement track on top of the existing track and then you have a brand new track to roll over. Call me at the store and I can walk you through it.

Question: How do you remove rust stains from granite monuments at the cemetery? I think they were spreading fertilizer and some landed on the stone. Thanks for your help!

Answer: As long as it is not a pink or red granite….use the Goof Off Rust Remover. Spray it on and then just rinse it off