Quit Bugging me

I have watched more “citronella” go out of my store in the last week than we sold all last summer. The mosquitoes are bad with all the rain we have had. When I go outside I spend more time swatting than I do anything else. And they are bigger than 747’s. There are several ways to enjoy the outside using safe mosquito repellant without using deet. Parakito has repellants that you can roll on, clip on or wear around your wrist that are made of essential oils. The bands and clips come with two refillable pellets that will last for 15 days each and retail is $23.99. Take them on vacation because they are great for clipping on backpacks, belt loops, strollers are made of neoprene and are available in a range of colors. Now for the backyard there is lots to choose from that still are a natural repellant. Amazon Lights are a premium citronella product that we found a showroom burning and it smelled like a candle and not what you expect citronella to smell like. And Amazon Lights have 300% to 500% more essential oils than the majority of products that are for mosquitoes. They come in little Incense Cones, Candles, and my favorite Garden Sticks. You want to build a perimeter to keep the mosquitoes out by lighting the garden sticks, candle, or incense cones about 20 minutes before you go outside. The price for any product in this line is $18.99. Now, there are other ways to keep out mosquitoes that are a little more potent. Enforcer Mosquito and Flying Insect Killer II is repellant that not only kills Mosquitoes but Whiteflies, Japanese Beetles that you just hook up to your hose and spray the yard. It will control pests up to 4 weeks and treats 5000 sq. ft of lawn, outside surfaces and outdoor ornamentals and retails for $19.99. Then there is propane powered insect fogger that you use in the yard that will let you enjoy the outside within 5 minutes of use and last for 6 hours. And if you have bird baths, rain barrels any standing water you can drop in Mosquito Dunks that will kill mosquito larvae for 30 days. They look like little donuts and come in 2 or 6 in a pack. One dunk will cover up to 100 sq. feet of water surface regardless of depth and retails for $7.99 and $12.99. I know the rain brings out these little bitters but I haven’t had to water my yard yet this year and it looks beautiful!

Now to the email….

Question: I had a new shower door installed and it looks great except for the messy way the contractor left the silicon caulking. It’s on the glass and door and I have tried getting it off and it doesn’t budge. Is there anything that will remove it easily?

Answer: Yes, there is Contractors De-Solv-It . It’s a citrus spray that will remove caulk, silicone, tar, grease, oil and so much more. You can use it safely on autos, glass, metal, fiberglass and wood. If it were me I would spray it in a small area first, see how long it takes to loosen the caulk safely. Then you can use a straight edge blade on the glass, and just wipe if off the metal door frame. Good question!

Question: I like using my new drill around the house. I am putting up new pictures and hanging baskets outside and going from sheetrock, to tile to rock to wood and I change out my drill bit as I do. OK…do they make a drill bit that is kind of versatile? That will work on everything? My husband thinks I am nuts to ask this.

Answer: You are not nuts. Irwin makes a Multi Material Drill Bit Set that does exactly what you are talking about. You can use 1 bit to go from sheetrock to metal to wood to tile to brick – you get the idea… they come in a convenient set of 5 or 10 standard sizes. It’s all you need. Irwin drill bit set retails for under $20 for the 5 and under $40 for the 10.