Bundle Boss

Going to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas is the most fun and exhausting time of the year for me. Walking the show you will take in 7 miles of products from hardware, paint, house wares, plumbing and tools. You will see big vendors like Stanley, Irwin and Ben Moore and then you will get to visit with new vendors who have just invented and patented their products. Dad would sit and listen to each and every one of them whether or not it was something that interested us. I asked him one time why he did that (I was worried we might not get done with the show) and he said that if they took the time and the money to come to the show, at least he could take the time to listen. That was my sweet Dad. So this year I did just that and took the time to really look at what came to the show. One product that I came home with is a Bundle Boss . It is the perfect fit cable tie tool. Do you use zip ties? Maybe you tie up electrical cords so no one trips over loose cords or cable TV and during Christmas you are bundling up all the cords outside so no one can see them. Do you have to attach 2 ties together so that you get the right length and constantly cutting off extra wasted tie material? The Bundle Boss provides the user with the perfect length of cable tie every time. You simply pull out the length of cable tie needed, wrap it around your bundle, feed it into the front of the tool, pull to tighten and release the trigger to secure the locking clip. I showed it to the guys at work and there is one being used as I write. Replacement cable is available in black and white. The Bundle Boss will retail for under $20 and has a 40 ft of cable included and 100 locking clips. Think how easy it will be to tie up cables, garbage bags, magazines, and newspapers, Christmas lights in the garage, workshop and attic. To me, this is a perfect Father’s Day gift for the Dad who has everything and can’t keep it all together! HA. In the next few weeks as products come in I will share it with you.

Now to the email…..

Question: I have a standing bird bath that has mosquito larva in it. I usually have to constantly replace the water so I haven’t had this problem. Is there anything I can use to kill the larva but won’t harm the birds playing in it?

Answer: Mosquito Dunks are a safe way of keeping out mosquitoes and larva in a bird bath or fountains. Just put them in and they dissolve over time keeping your bird bath bug free. Mosquito Dunks come in a 2 pack or a 6 pack and retail for under $8 and $12. Just don’t use them in any water that might be consumed.

Question: What was the name of the lamp attachment that would let you turn on and off the lamp with just a touch of your finger?

Answer: That is a 3 level touch dimmer. Turn off the lamp and remove the bulb, screw in the dimmer where the bulb goes and then use a long life bulb that is not a CFL. Now your lamp must have a metal base to use the dimmer but it is so nice just to touch the lamp and turn the lamp off and on.

Question: I want to know the name of the product that you said would start the engine of my wood chipper. I have a place in the country that the broken limbs are everywhere on the ground. I had the hardest time starting it last year and I would like to get to my place and start working on the yard instead of working on the tool.

Answer: The product is called Start Your Engines . It goes into the gas tank and not in the carburetor. Dad’s chipper started on the second pull.