New Fiber Fix Rigid Patch

We brought in a product last year that was a Shark Tank winner called Fiber Fix. You couldn’t miss their booth because those boys from Utah were chanting “ Fiber Fix 100 times better than duct tape”. That is a major understatement. Fiber Fix is a tape that you submerse in water to activate the epoxy and then wrap around a pipe that is leaking. Can you imagine turning off the water because of a leak when it’s time for everyone to take a shower? Well with Fiber Fix you can wrap the pipe and in 10 minutes you would turn the water back on and everyone would be happy again. And Fiber Fix is a permanent fix, not a temporary one that you would have to ultimately call a plumber. Well the boys from Utah that I saw at the National Hardware Show this year have come up with a Fiber Fix Rigid Patch that will cure in the sunlight. No water necessary! This Rigid Patch hardens like steel and cures in 10 minutes. So if you have a canoe that took a gash from an underwater rock and it leaks you could apply the Fiber Fix Rigid Patch and be back in the river in 10 minutes. If you use your wheel barrow to haul rocks around the yard then you know that you can puncture a fiberglass wheel barrow and have a mess. You can apply the Rigid Patch and it will harden tougher than the original tray. Do you have a leak in any water tank? Maybe the pools pump? Water feature? The Rigid Fix comes with everything you need from cleaning towels to clean the surface, 3 patches, 3 pairs of gloves and sandpaper. The instructions tell you to clean the surface, put on gloves, apply exposed side of patch to damaged surface, and then work the patch from the outside in. This will ensure a tight seal. Expose the patch to the sunlight and the patch will change from gold to white. Give the patch another 5 minutes for the resin to completely cure. It was great to see the Utah boys again and see what they had brought to the show. And this time they did not need to “chant “at their booth to gather excitement – their booth was packed!

Now to the email…..

Question: I have a brick house that the sprinkler has left white stains. I want to clean them off and then is there a way to keep it from coming back?

Answer: Most masons will clean that off with muriatic acid. But there is a product by Goof Off called Rust Remover that will remove the lime deposit left from the sprinkler. Spray it on and let it work and rinse off you don’t have to scrub. Then use the DryLok Masonry Sealer to keep it from coming back. Apply the DryLok with a brush.

Question: I have old throw rugs that I really like. The backing has slowly flaked off and now if I step on the rug the wrong way I go sliding. Is there anything that I can use on the floor that will anchor the rugs so no one gets hurt? (like me)

Answer: Fiber Lok applied to the back of your washable rugs will keep the rugs from slipping. Using a cheap foam brush paint a big X on the back of the rug with the Fiber Lok. Work outside because the odor is strong. Let it cure for 24 hours and then you can use the rug. You will be able to wash and dry the rug after a week.

Question: I have a old Hunter fan that works great. The light kit makes noise because it wiggles when the fan is on. How can I keep the light kit from making noise so that I can use it when the fan is on? The light kit is old but I really like it and it matches everything else.

Answer: No problem, put some electrical tape on the top of the light fixture and then tighten down the screw on top of the tape. This will stabilize the fixture and the noise will stop.