Stainless Steel Cleaners

A few months ago a reader contacted me and wanted me to look for a new stainless steel cleaner that didn’t have a strong odor. Dad’s favorite stainless steel cleaner is Sheila Shine and it’s excellent. But it does have a propellant smell. Howards makes a Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner that is fragranced with essential oils. I’ve been testing it out at my house and it does just as good a job cleaning and it’s not as offensive to the nose. It is a lemongrass-lime streak free formula that produces a beautiful shine. It is non toxic and safe for food handling environments. And it’s made in the USA. We will be putting it on the website. Remember anything I write about we carry at the store and can ship directly to you. Just go to the website or call the San Antonio store, 210-341-1573.

Question: In one of Johnnie’s articles he mentions something about a triangle item that you can place around the house to get rid of gnats (those flying bugs) - is that still available?

Answer: It sure is. The Terro Fruit Fly Trap is a non-toxic ready to use trap for those little gnats and fruit flies. It is designed to lure adult fruit flies using the special liquid food. Flies go in but they can’t get out so they can’t continue breeding. Place it behind or under kitchen counters, sinks, dishwashers, near fruits and vegetables. It looks like a little apple and will last for 30 days, retails for under $10

Question: How do you get the white marks from hard water or lime deposits off of our natural rocks around the pool?

Answer: Muratic Acid used to be the only thing that was recommended for removing lime and hard water stains outside. But Delete Germ is so much easier and safer to use, does not require anything but gloves for protection and removes water deposits quickly. Apply the Delete Germ full strength using a 3M scrubby sponge or a stiff brush removing the stain and then rinse with clear water. Delete Germ will not interfere with your pool chemicals. After cleaning, apply a sealer if you would like. It will enhance the stone and make the color in the flagstone really pop . H & C makes a sealer that is water based and is resistant to pool chemicals and cleaners. H & C Concrete Sealer is not affected by UV rays will protect the stone. Apply a skid additive to the second coat for safety. You can also use it on concrete block, stone and brick. Great Question!

Question: We have a chaise lounge in our back yard that is covered to keep it clean. A large squirrel climbed under the cover and died on the cushion. Do you have any idea on how to clean the cushion and remove the smell?

Answer: Wash off as much as you can and then use Herby’s Fame to clean off any remaining stains. As far as odor, use the Bio Zapp. Really spray down the cushion. You might have to spray several times over the next few days because the smell is not just on the surface but down into the foam in the cushion. If the foam inside the cushion can be removed- them remove it and spray it separately.

Question: My question relates to cleaning ceramic floors. Our dog is 10 and been having accidents inside the house at night. Now my floor has a greasy shine to it. It’s slippery in the area when we walk. I’ve tried using house hold cleaners, steam cleaners and pet no marking cleaners but its yucky and I would like to find some product that can help clean my floors to get rid of this. There is no smell, just oily grime left on the surface after I mop.

Answer: There may not be a smell to you, but I promise your sweet puppy smells it and continues to go back and mark those areas. Clean the tile with Holy Cow Concentrated Degreaser . After you clean rinse the tile completely with clear water. After the floor is clean then go back and saturate the tile and grout with Bio Zapp. It will completely neutralize any odor that is there.