I just received this email about products that a customer bought at the at the last Home and Garden Show we did in San Antonio. It was mail like this that Dad loved and the reason he would search for products to use around the house to save you money. With the readers permission I am sharing it with you.

Hi Trudy,

I met you at the Home Show in San Antonio in September. I needed some help with my wooden front that was looking old and faded. Your team hooked me up with Restore A Finish and Sun Shield for the door and All Gleam for the handle set. I went on through the show happy with my purchases. At the show was another door restoring company that I talked to. They said from my description of my door that it needed more work that your items could fix. I made an appointment for them to come and look at my door. Of course after they looked at my door the figure that I was told from the show doubled and I was told the door was in such bad shape that they would have to remove the door and take it away for a day to repair. They could not quote me a price and their manager would have to call me back. Well the company did not ever call back. After a month of waiting I decided to give your products a try. I am so pleased I did. The Restore A Finish is amazing and I am so happy with the way my door looks. You saved me several hundred dollars with the products you recommended. Thanks again for your help.

And that’s why the article is written. If you ever need help with a project, please call me at the store in San Antonio or email me at happyhandyman2@yahoo.com .

Now to the email…..

Question: My daughter borrowed my car and spilt coffee all over the passenger seat. Well it smells like a coffee bean farm and the seat is really stained. What can I do to take care of the stain and the smell?

Answer: Get the stain up first with Herbys Fame. It’s the best stain remover for fabric. Spray the area well and then take a white rag and blot up the stain. Do not rub; it might cause the stain to spread. Once the stain is removed use Bio Zapp to neutralize the odor. Spray the seat and don’t worry Bio Zapp is clear and it will not stain the seat. Then let dry. Also get an Air Sponge. Open it up and just leave it under the seat. Your car will have a nice clean smell.

Question: I like to hand water my yard and gardens. I think it’s better than therapy. Last summer I had a hand held nozzle and it was so heavy. I would like a small handle that won’t tire me out but will give a nice soft spray.

Answer: Little Big Shot is a good hand held nozzle that is so light. I like it because you can get three different sprays from the one nozzle. One is a pin point, one is a soft spray, and one is a full force one that is good for washing off the concrete. It’s a superior nozzle because you get 40% more force for 40% less water and will not leak. They are made in the USA and assembled by Disabled Vets. You can’t get any better than that.

Question: My neighbor just had a huge leak at his house from a water heater. He had no idea until the carpet was wet and the sheetrock was ruin. I have a water heater in my attic also and I do not want that to happen to me. I know you talk about a alarm….is it for this?

Answer: Yes it is and it’s called a Leak Alert. It retails for under $15 and can save you thousands. You can put them under the water heater, the toilet, and the sinks. The minute that the Leak Alert gets wet, it will sound the alarm and you can catch that drip before it is a gusher!