Do you think all carpet cleaners are alike? You spray the stain and then use a white towel and blot and blot and let it dry. It can be messy and take a while to dry. So when Tub O Towels Rep came in with a Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover I was a little skeptical. We took it to this horrible spot that we had in the gift department and tried it out. It worked. Just take a look at the before and after pictures we posted with the product on our website. Now what makes Tub O Towels Carpet and Upholstery any different than any other spot remover? Convenience is number one. Tub O Towels cleaning solution comes in a fiber weaved wipe that is so tough and can be used to really scrub a stain. So if you have a stain you simply pop out a wipe and then wipe the stain away. The all in one formula in Tub O Towels Upholstery removes coffee, wine, pet stains, latex paint, cosmetics, ink, crayons and other water based stains. And since you are not using a watery spray there is no saturation staining. Its American made, has 40 wipes in a canister (about 24cents a wipe) and retails for under $10. Throw one in the car, RV, and in the cleaning supplies you send with your graduate going off to school.

Now to the email….

Question: I have some cracks in the walls of the house in just one area. I get tired of looking at them and then call someone to fix them and paint. Well they have opened up again with all the rain we have had. It seems like no matter who fixes it, they don’t stay fixed. Is there anything I can do to fix these cracks for good?

Answer: Those cracks open and close with the weather. It’s perfectly normal for your slab to move and give with the weather. Fixing those cracks is easy and all you need is a can of Good Bye Cracks and a latex paint like Coronado. Fill the crack with a spackle, I like Dry Dex. It goes on pink and when it’s dry it turns white. Then use the Good Bye Cracks and spray the crack lightly, let dry. Put on 3 coats. Then you are ready to paint. As long as you use a good acrylic paint and the flexible Good Bye Cracks those cracks will be history.

Question: I have weeds that grow around my AC unit and along my fence line. What’s the best product to keep them away?

Answer: Hi Yield makes a great weed control product called KillzAll II. It comes in a RTU bottle and costs less than $5. It kills all types of weeds and grasses and is great on patios, walkways and driveways. Use along fence lines and edging around lawns but not where you have areas that you don’t want to kill grass.

Question: I sprayed my mirror with furniture polish by accident. Now what do I do?

Answer: Use No Streek Foaming Cleaner will clean off the oily residue.

Question: I know you have written about a skin crème that is great for dry skin. My Mom has such dry skin and I want her to try the one your Dad wrote about.

Answer: Dad was good about trying things out before we put them on the shelf. And Medline Skin Repair Crème was the best thing for him because his skin got thin and dry. He liked it because it didn’t feel oily and had little fragrance. A nurse used it on him one time and when he got back to the office, he ordered it for the store. And that’s why we have it! Your Mom will like it.

Question: We have weep holes in the brick of our home and I know you are supposed to have them. However I see bugs going in and out of those holes and I hate that. Is there something that I can put in the hole but not stop the hole up?

Answer: Yes, it’s called Bug Screen . Bug Screen is a copper mesh that fits easily in the holes and will last a long time.