Tri Flow

Do you have a sliding glass door that doesn’t slide anymore? You might be able to open it but it takes both hands and it jumps and stops and is just a pain to use? The only problem is that it is your way to the patio, so you have to use it. What if I told you that most problems with sliding glass doors are a simple fix and might take you 10 minutes. Would you be ready to take on that project? First clean the track with a little paint thinner on a rag. Remove all dirt and “dust bunnies” that cause the track to jump and not slide. Then look at the track itself if it is bent straighten it back up with a pair of pliers. Get it as straight as you can. Then use a lubricant that is better than any other to spray the track . Tri Flow is like liquid ball bearings in a spray can. If the door is really hard to move, open it a little and using the straw that comes with the Tri Flow spray down the track. Now run the door over the area you just lubricated a few times and then open the door up farther down the track and spray again, moving the door back and forth over the Tri Flow . Tri Flow starts at $3.99 for a 3oz can. If the door is still hard to open and close you might need to put a replacement cap over the track. The replacement track is made of stainless steel and will just pop over the existing track after removing the door. There is a little trick to installing the track without damaging it. Squeeze a little caulking on the track ( like Lexol) and place the Stainless Steel Cap over the track. Lay a wood block on top of the cap and use a rubber mallet to tap the cap down. You will not damage the Stainless Steel Cap. The cap retails for $19.99. If you have any questions, I am a phone call away.

Now to the email….

Question: I just inherited an old cedar chest from my grandmother. I love it, but it doesn’t smell like cedar anymore. What do I do to refresh the cedar smell that once was?

Answer: I still have my cedar chest from when I was in my 20’s …many moons ago. To refresh the cedar smell in your cedar chest use a product called Cedar Oil. Just mix 1ounce of Cedar Oil with 5 ounces of Boiled Linseed Oil and apply with a bristle brush. You can also use it on cedar closets as well. Cedar Oil retails for $6.99

Question: I clean and clean my caulking around the shower floor and it stays clean for a week or two and then it starts mildewing again. I think its silicone. I know that if I dried out the shower every time that would help. But I will be honest, it just doesn’t happen. So am I stuck to use a bleach type cleaner every couple of weeks, or is there anything else?

Answer: Remove the silicone caulking with the Contractor’s DeSolv It. Take a razor blade knife and split the silicone down the middle at the top and bottom and then spray on the DeSolv It. Let it sit and then remove it. Clean off any silicone residue with the DeSolv It. Then go over the area with alcohol to remove any of the DeSolv It.( Once the area is clean and dry use the Mildew Free Sealant to re-caulk the bottom of the shower, it will not mildew for 18 months. It’s guaranteed.

Question: We have a place at the coast and every time I have a heck of a time removing light bulbs from out on the dock I think of emailing you. Is there anything safe to put on a bulb before I screw it in that would make it easy to remove a year later? I have broken so many bulbs off in the socket and it makes me a nervous wreck to try and remove them.

Answer: There is a product called De-electric grease. It will make it easier to remove the old bulbs. It’s especially good to use around salt water. I put it on all my outside bulbs to make removing them easier. (OK – when I remember!)