Bring It On

With all the granite counter tops installed many customers have asked me how to take care of the composite granite sinks that they have installed. Most of the sinks are real dark and in Texas of course that means that you are going to see water stain on them in just a few months, if not sooner. So what do you clean them with? I called the granite companies that actually install them in San Antonio and they just suggested that you need to dry them out and not let water stand. Well I thought that’s what sinks were for. Bring It On is a safe cleaner for fiberglass tubs, glass; decorative metal faucets it will not scratch but will remove water spots, and dirt. I have an employee that was going to remove a fiberglass tub in his home but gave the tub one last try with the Bring It On and he no longer had to remove the tub. I have a customer from Humble and I sold her a bottle of Bring It On to clean the composite sink that she has at her house. She contacted me about a month ago and told me that she bought the Bring It On but she didn’t really think that it would clean her 14 year old sink. Well her email raved about how clean the sink is now. She said she didn’t know if it looked as good as new (because she didn’t see it new)but it looked so much better that it did she wasn’t embarrassed anymore by the stains. She also told me that he husband was so impressed that he really did the cleaning of the sink. Now that is a salesman, excuse me …sales woman! HA!

Now to the email…..

Question: I have a garbage disposal that a lingering odor. I run it and flush water through it but it still smells when I come into the house after work every day. Is there anything safe that I can run through the disposal that will clean it so that it doesn’t smell?

Answer: To neutralize garbage disposal odors, use a product that is safe for disposals called Instant Power Disposer and Drain Cleaner . Turn on the disposal and run it for a few seconds, turn off the disposal and water and pour in 4oz of cleaner. Put the cover on the disposal and run it again for a few seconds, then allow it to stay in the drain overnight. It will leave the drain smelling like lemons.

Question: I got an old washer that I am using at a vacation home. It has rust stains and a lot of soap scum that I want to get rid of before I use the washer. Is there anything I can just throw in the washer during a washing cycle- that sure would be easy?

Answer: Use a product called Iron Out that is made for washers. Make sure the machine is empty and then pour 1/3 cup of Iron Out instead of detergent. Run a normal cycle, and repeat if necessary.

Question: On the outside of the house we have some loose bricks. Is there anything I can use myself to glue these back on and touch up the mortar that has chipped off too. Or do I need to call a mason?

Answer: No you can do it yourself. Mor-Flexx Mortar Brick and Stucco Caulk is a repair product that you use to place the brick back in place and then touch up the missing mortar that might be missing. Clean the area where the repair is being made and remove any flaking material. Using a caulking gun apply the Mor-Flexx to back of the brick and push back into place. Then caulk around the brick and smooth out the joint with a foam brush. The Mor-Flexx will shrink and give a concave appearance. More applications will be needed to fill the joint flat. I like Mor-Flexx because you can clean up with soap and water and has a sandy appearance to blend in with the existing mortar. It will stay flexible and give you a long lasting seal.