Fix That Rust

When I moved into my little house on Cobble Way the dishwasher was circa 1980 and it still worked. But it was dirty on the inside and some of the racks had a little rust. I was just surprised that it still worked. If you are having the same problem with your dishwasher; repair the racks first. Any rust can be taken care of with Rust Cure. Spray the rusty areas of the rack and in an hour wipe off the oily residue. In 5 days the rusty areas will have turned gun metal grey and be completely cured. Then you can repair your rack with Rerack. Rerack is a synthetic rubber product that will withstand high heat and the water pressure that you get in a dishwasher. It comes in a 1 ounce bottle with a brush so you can paint over the rusty areas and then the rust is not transferred to your dishes. Once you take care of the racks use the Dishwasher Magic to clean the inside of the washer. Dishwasher Magic works better than other cleaners because it stays in the dishwasher longer without cycling out and going down the drain. It will clean out the sprayer jets that get clogged with food debris and mineral deposits. In a empty dishwasher place the bottle of Dishwasher Magic upside down on the top rack with the cap removed. Leave the red plug alone. Set the dishwasher to the longest, hottest cycle. Besides cleaning and making the dishwasher smell good it will extend the life of your appliance. Dishwasher Magic is safe to use monthly and will not harm your septic system.

Now to the email…..

Question: I have pink colored grout in my bathroom(don’t laugh). I don’t want to use just any bleach to clean it because the contractor said it might bleach it out. So is there a safe cleaner that will clean up the grout and then is there a grout sealer that is better than others so I do not have to clean this grout every month?

Answer? Granite Gold makes a grout cleaner that comes with a brush and is safe on colored grout. Spray the grout lines and let set for 2-3 minutes, then use the brush to clean. Rinse with clear water. Then to seal use the DuPont StoneTech Professional Advanced Grout Sealer . It will provide maximum protection against stains and can be used on floor or wall grout lines. Spray on the grout lines and buff off overspray on tile. A second coat is recommended. You can walk on the grout within 2 hours.

Granite Gold makes a shower cleaner that is safe to use on granite, marble, travertine or

ceramic tile and consistent use keeps mold and hard water stains from re-occurring

Question: Hooray we sold our house. Now the inspector says we need to caulk around the windows, so what would be a good caulk to use?

Answer: Use the Big Stretch. It has great flexibility and will stick to most surfaces. It has lifetime durability and comes in several colors.

Question: I want to weather strip around my doors so that I can save energy. Is there a easy way to weather- strip? I am not too good at nailing or stapling but I guess there is not another way to install weather-strip.

Answer: No there is a much easier way to install – use the V strip weather strip. It can be cut with a pair of scissors and has an adhesive strip on one side that you can just press on. It has a built in hinge that lets it compress to keep out dust, water and drafts. Oh and just so you know….it can be applied in sub – zero weather conditions. HA!

Question: I know that your Dad wrote a book. And I was wondering if you still had copies that are for sale?

Answer: Of course we do. It is Volume 10 and sells for just under $10. It makes a great gift for new home owners or people that really want to learn how to do things around the house. It’s user friendly and remember if you have a question about what we wrote about – I am just a email away.