Getting Rid of Mold and Mildew

I have had a few customers that are having problems with moisture in the bathroom. They may not have a window or exhaust fan and most homeowners don’t put a ceiling fan in the bathroom because there is not enough space. So what can you do? Damp Rid is a pretty special item that is formulated to remove moisture in the air and pull it down into the container leaving the bath or closet with less moisture in the air that causes mold and mildew. It’s an old idea that they used to do years ago when packaging up product that went overseas. They would box up the item and then pour in a Damp Rid like product to keep the item dry. Worked then and will work now for you. Damp Rid comes in a refillable container that you can just set out to work or in a hanging style that you can place in the closet. Once the Damp Rid starts pulling moisture out of the air your musty smell will diminish. Clean off any mildew on the walls with Zep Mold & Mildew Stain Remover . Just spray the Zep on the mildew and let dry, as the Zep dries the mildew stain will disappear. Zep Mold & Mildew Stain Remover will also take mildew stains off the AC vents. Place newspaper and plastic underneath the stained vent and spray on the Zep and just let it dry. Just remember to just let the Zep do the work and let the stains drip dry.

Now to the email…..

Question: I have been referred to you regarding my problem to get rid of smoke smell in a home. Recently I bought a home where the previous owners both smoked. I have had the entire interior of the home kilzed and repainted, but there is still a smell of smoke. I can’t believe it! I have used the vinegar treatment and I have bought the fragrant inserts that attach to your AC filters. Do you have any further suggestions????

Answer: I had the same problem with the small garden home I bought last year. Smoke permeates everything. I also scraped all the ceilings, repainted all the walls, removed all the flooring and mopped all the concrete with Bio Zapp before laying new wood flooring. But like a lot of zealous remodelers I ran out of money when it came to the kitchen. It’s a project to work on in 2016. After all the remodeling was done, if the house was closed up for a couple of days while I was out of town – walking in the back door I was hit with the smoke smell again. It took awhile but I finally figured out the smell was in the old kitchen cabinets. So I used Bio Zap several times, spraying the cabinets on the inside and out. Then I sprayed a Voluspa Home Spray that we carry in the gift shop on the cabinets too. Finally no more smoke smell. But I am telling you- you might have to do this several times but it WILL work.

Question: I have a turbine on the house that squeaks. It’s really loud and annoying and I was wondering if there is some lubricant that I can spray on that would last for a while. And I was wondering why it squeaks- is it because I put a bag over it during the winter? Just wondering?

Answer: Lubricate it with a spray called Tri Flow. It’s like liquid ball bearings in a spray can. It’s different than a lot of other spray lubricates because it doesn’t attract dust. Your turbine will quit squeaking and the Tri Flow will last for a couple of seasons. Dad always said NOT to put a cover on the turbines, it makes them rust.

Question: My bathtub drains so slowly. What is the safest and best product to use?

Answer: Drain Flow (bathroom) is designed to unclog the drain in the bathroom. It specifically made for soap scum and hair. It’s very safe for you and your pipes. You can use it monthly if you want. Now there is also a Zip It, which will push the clog down father into the line where the drain line gets bigger.