Coming Up Hardware Show

I am so excited that in October I will be going to another hardware show in Indianapolis. I love going to these shows to see what is new and what I can bring into the store to make your DIY projects easier. If you have something that you would like me to look for just shoot me an email or give me a call in San Antonio at 210-341-1573. I will look when I go to the show and see if it’s available and bring it in because if you need it sure enough your neighbor probably needs it too. Some of the best items we have had at the store and still have are products that our customers asked about or brought in an empty can asking if we could get it in. Quick Shine, Leak Alert, Gianni Granite Paint, Thomas Liquid Stainless Steel are just a few of the products that still stock our shelves that have been such a help to so many customers. I tell you what I am looking for, a light switch plate that has LED lights built into it so that when you turn off the lights at night and walk into a dark kitchen, you can see the way and where the light switch is. I saw some online, but he will not sell to retail stores. He sent me a sample and I absolutely love it and so would you! So in search I will go!

Now to the email……

Question: I have a white solid surface top that is stained. My granddaughter got makeup on it and I can’t remove the stain with what I normally clean with. The company that cleans my carpets said to use a steel wool on it and a cleaner. But I am sending you a picture to see what you think.

Answer: What you have is called cultured marble and I would never use steel wool on it. Cultured Marble has a gel coating on top which gives it protection and shine. And if you use an abrasive or too strong a cleaner it will damage the gel coating and then the marble will stain constantly. The only product that I would use is Gel Gloss because it is made for man-made surfaces. Hopefully the Gel Gloss and some elbow grease will do the trick.

Question: I was wondering if you might have a book that has all the tips your Dad wrote about. I love reading your articles too and it would be great have all of the articles and answers in one spot instead of trying to file them in a folder that I drop all the time.

Answer: Dad’s book is called “The Best of Johnnie Chuoke ” Vol. 10. It is a current book that we put together last year. We take all the books and keep what is still relevant and add any new products and questions. Volume 10 is my favorite book so far; we put it on a spiral backing so it would be easier to read from. It makes a great gift for a first time homeowner, or a new Do It Yourselfer.

Question: We have rent houses and every time we get a renter out we have to go and clean the grout around the tub. Most of the time we have to replace it – we use silicone like everyone says to use but the mildew is just awful. Is there anything that we can use that would be easier to do, or stay cleaner longer? It’s just such a mess to get out the caulking.

Answer: Sashco Sealant makes Mildew Free Sealant and it’s the one to use. Remove all the silicone by slicing it down the middle and top and bottom with a razor blade. Then spray with Contractor’s DeSolvIt. Let it sit for a while and then use a putty knife to pull up the silicone. You will be able to pull it up easily. Spray again if you have any residue left, and then clean with alcohol. Then cut the top of the tube at an angle to apply the Mildew Free Seal. If you will put some liquid soap on your finger it will help you put on a professional looking bead.