Soy Gel

I had a customer call me last week on a problem with cabinets. It is a vacation home for them that someone else cleans when they are gone for months at a time. Well this time the cabinets were cleaned with such a strong cleaner that the finish actually was compromised and remained sticky even after several months. She was at a loss whether to try and sand off the finish because it is so sticky or just replace the cabinet fronts. I suggested that instead of sanding the cabinets she use a product that has been around for quite a while and is easy to use called Soy Gel. Soy Gel Paint and Urethane Stripper is a safe and effective stripper that is natural and biodegradable made from USA grown soy beans. Yes, I said soy beans and “no”, I have not a clue how soy beans remove a finish and leave it ready to stain, paint and varnish, but it does and has for over 20 years. I suggested that the customer remove all the cabinet doors so she can work on a horizontal surface (mark each cabinet on the back to know where they belong) and brush on a thick layer of Soy Gel and then – go to the movie or out to eat. You just give Soy Gel a few hours to start working the magic. After a few hours test the surface of the cabinet by pushing back the Soy Gel to see if it has had enough time to remove the varnish, if it still needs more time just put on a little Soy Gel in that area and give it another hour. Then use a plastic putty knife and remove the Soy Gel, wipe down the surface with a damp sponge which will stop the action of the stripper. And that’s it! If you are working on more than one piece, you can stretch the Soy Gel by taking off the stripper from one piece put it in a can and stir it up and apply it to the next piece. Soy Gel will remove multiple layers of paint at one time and since there is virtually no odor you can use the Soy Gel in the comfort of your own home. I did, and let me tell you it is the easiest job you will do. Soy Gel comes in a qt and a gallon.

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Now to the email……

Question: I know that you say to put a pleated filter in the return air vent to keep dust out of the house and the condenser, but I have 3 return air vents; do I put a filter in each one?

Answer: Yes you do and you will be so glad you did. You will see a visible difference in the dust and allergens in the house and your AC will thank you by running more efficiently. Use a Merv 6-8 rated filter which should be priced around 5.99 and last around 90 days. Some hardware stores give you 10% off when you buy a carton of 12.

Question: I know that you have written about Delete Germ to clean the toilet and keep the stains out of the bowl. I use it and really like that it seems that my toilet is flushing better. But I am on a water system that leaves horrible stains in the tank and those stains transfer to the bowl. So I was thinking if I could get rid of the ones in the tank, wouldn’t that help? Can I use those tablets that you just drop into the tank?

Answer: Oh you are going to love this product, it’s called Hurri Clean. It’s the only safe cleaner that you can put into the tank and will really clean. It’s chlorine free so it will not harm any of the gaskets or rubber parts in the tank. You don’t have to scrub; you just open the package and pour it into the tank. Let it sit for 6 hours and then flush. It will remove hard water deposits and is safe for your septic system. Hurri Clean is made with real fruit acids and washing sodas but is phosphate free. You use 1 pouch per month. It’s like fizzies for your toilet.