Dorcy Light

Is there a spot around the outside of your home that is just a little dark? Do you go there and wish that you had a motion detector light that would come on when you walked outside and then went off. I know what holds you back, calling the electrician. But Dorcy has taken care of that with a wireless LED motion detector light. Dorcy Light is equipped with a motion sensor that will shut off automatically if no motion is detected after 30 seconds. It has a light sensor that goes on only in darkness to conserve battery life and it is fully adjustable to rotate a full 360 degrees . Installation is easy with the included screws and anchors. Pick up some D-Cell batteries to install in the light and you will have light in the area for a full year. The Dorcy light is a grey color that will look good outside on the house. Price on the Dorcy is 26.95; batteries will cost you around $6 so for under $35 you can have light anywhere you can install 2 screws. Now you can add “Electrician” to your resume.

Now to the email….

Question: Trudy, I am so glad you continue your father’s article. I have a question about grease on a glass oven door. It’s a rent house that we have not gone into in quite a years and I am thinking they never cleaned the oven. Is there a safe cleaner that doesn’t have a lot of fumes? I can’t stand those cleaners that have strong odors.

Answer: There is a cleaner called Holy Cow Concentrate that is a degreaser and has no smell. It’s a environmentally friendly product that produces no fumes. Just spray the glass letting it sit for a minute and then use a scrubby sponge and wipe clean. Holy Cow is great for grill grates, baked on grease on utensils, and even car engines.

Question: I was wondering what to use to patch a hole in cement siding. I accidently screwed into a area that shouldn’t have been and now I have a hole. Should I just use regular wood dough?

Answer: Use a caulk that is an adhesive and flexible called Big Stretch. It will work on wood siding and your concrete siding also. And you can paint it to match the siding.

Question: My sweet neighbor who is recently a widow lost the first number in her address and I found it in her landscaping. I want to fix it for her so she doesn’t have to worry about it. What glue can I use that can handle being outside with the weather and heat?

Answer: Use a construction adhesive called F-26. Clean the area of any dust or debris and put adhesive on the back of the number. Place it in place rock back and forth and then pull away for 45 seconds for the adhesive to get tacky and then reapply. I would secure it with tape for 24 hours.

Question: I have sold my house and I have to re-caulk the tub and shower area. I want this to be easy and quick it’s the last thing on the list.

Answer: Clean off all the old caulking by using the Contractor’s Desolv It. Clean off any remaining caulk residue completely. Then caulk with the Mildew Free Sealant . Apply it in a medium bead and use liquid soap on your finger to smooth it out. Your caulk job with look like a pro did it!

Question: I wanted to replace my outside fans because the existing fans have droopy blades. What do you think is a good fan? I want a good light on the fan and a remote.

Answer: The reason that the blades are droopy is that the fan is an interior fan and the blades are not made for the humidity outside. Replace the fan with a Regency Outdoor Fan with PVC plastic blades that will never droop. There is a Vantage Regency Fan that has a 66” blade span, with a 12.5 degree pitch and it comes with a remote. It is there newest fan and it comes with a LED light kit also.