Mouse Repellent

I am so excited because one of the products that I ordered at the Do It Best Show is already here and on the shelves. I could have really used this product about 4 years ago when I saw this tiny little mouse disappear underneath my wood deck at my old house. I am usually pretty brave but mice get the best of me. I really don’t like setting traps because that means I have to go back and see the results. Ugh. I really just wanted to drive them away. So when I saw “Mouse Repellent” by Shake Away at the Do It Best Show I placed an order. Mouse Repellent by Shake Away is an organic solution for repelling mice from your property throughout the year. Place Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs in your kitchen, garage, barn, shed, patio, attic, boats and recreational vehicles. Mouse Repellent Packs are packaged in a zip lock re-sealable bag with 4 sealed packages inside each bag. Since it’s a repellent I expected the product to be stinky instead it smells like strong mint and is effective for up to many months. I like that it is all organic because a have a small dog that shares my house and I would never want to worry about his health. I opened up the bag and let my sweet dog Max sniff it and he just walked away. When we received the Mouse Repellent in the store the first thing I did was throw some underneath the new deck at my house. You know dancing mice are cute on Disney, but not on my deck. A package of 4 repellents should sell for under $10.

We had some great questions this week that I wanted to share with you…..

Question: You mentioned “Air Sponge” in an article one time about removing smoke odor. Is that good if the smoker is still in the house?

Answer: Yes! Air Sponge is an air neutralizer and can stop a smoke odor by putting the Air Sponge in the return air vent of your central air conditioning system. Every time the fan comes on it will circulate a clean air smell all over the home. To take care of the smoke smell in your upholstery use Bio Zapp and spray it on the sofa, drapes, and carpet. Using it with the Air Sponge will go a long way in keeping the home smelling fresh. You can also use an air purifier like Lampe Berger. Lighting a Lampe Berger lamp will purify the air in a room in less than 25 minutes.

Question: I remember you writing about a way to refinish furniture without striping off the old finish and starting all over. I put it in a folder, but now I can’t find the folder.

Answer: Does that happen to you too? That product is called Restore A Finish and has been around for over 20 years and there is still nothing like it to finish furniture. It’s the product that can refinish furniture without striping off the original finish. You put it on with a soft rag, wiping it across the finish like you are dusting. It’s just that simply to bring back the original color of the wood. It will remove years of scratches and fading with just one use. Once you have restored the finish on table, protect it with Howards Feed and Wax , made with bee’s wax.

Question: I am having some re-occurring cracks in my den. I fix them and it seems like a few months later they are back. Is there a way to correctly fix these cracks so I don’t have to fix them again in a few months?

Answer: Good Bye Cracks is a spray that flexes so that old cracks will not open back up. Repair your crack with a good spackle, like Dry Dex. Dry Dex spackle goes on pink and then dries white. Sand smooth and then remove dust. Spray the crack with the Good Bye Cracks, let dry. In 30 minutes spray again. Then you are ready to paint with a latex paint.