Are you losing Money through your Doors?

You are probably spending $2000 a year on your utility bill and more than half of that is spent on heating and cooling. An older home built before 1950 will use 60% more than a newer home. So what does that mean to you? It means if you can see light around a doorway, or feel air you are probably losing around $13 a year for each door and window in your home. Fixing those leaks is as easy as measure, trim, peel and stick using a pair of scissors. MD (Macklanburg Duncan) makes a premium V-Flex weather strip that can go around doors and windows and is attached with a self stick adhesive. There is no nailing, or screwing into the doors or windows just peal and stick. To go around the frame of the door make sure the surface is clean and dry. Measure the V-Flex you need, cut with scissors and fold in half. Peel off the adhesive strip and place the V-Flex adhesive side on the jamb with the V pointing away from the inside of the door. If you need to apply a door bottom, MD makes a Self Adhesive Sweep that will seal gaps up to ½” high between bottom of door and threshold. MD Door Sweep comes in a 36” (most doors) and you clean the area then position the sweep with the door closed and it resting on the threshold. For the windows apply V-Flex between top and bottom sash rails and along sash side stiles. The V-Flex series comes in brown and white and starts at $3.99. Keep out air, dust and bugs by installing MD Self –Adhesive Sweep and V-Flex and save money!

Now to the email…..

Question: I have some teak furniture that looks like it could use a update- do you have a formula that works on teak to make it look better?

Answer: I always use the Howards Sun Shield . It’s formulated for teak, and other tropical outside furniture to keep them from drying, cracking and oxidizing due to exposure to the weather. It’s made of carnauba wax, beeswax, and orange oil with a UV inhibitor which will enhance the beauty of the wood. It does not contain silicone!

Question: We are trying to sell my Dad’s house and when removing the carpet we discovered a strong smell of cat urine and nothing we have used has taken care of it. Can you recommend a product that would get rid of the smell?

Answer: Use the Bio Zapp Odor Neutralizer and just mop it on in the area. You will probably have to do it several times so that it will soak down to where the odor is coming from. I also would put an Air Sponge out in the room if you are going to be showing the house. It’s also a neutralizer that takes care of any airborne odor.

Question: You once wrote about a product that you can put on a leaking roof to stop the leak. Do you still have it?

Answer: I have had many questions about Through the Roof since Texas has been hit with so much rain in the last few weeks. It’s funny that we forget about those little leaks during the summer and then the minute September gets here we are reminded about them. Through The Roof is a sealant that comes in a caulk, and a brushable quart and gallon. It can be applied to an area that you think that the leak is coming from and it will search out the leak and seal it up. It’s crystal clear and will last 10 years where applied. The caulk is a thicker formula which works great around fireplaces and attached patio covers.

Question: We were so lucky to get to meet you and your Dad a few years ago at the Garden Show. Your Dad was so entertaining. I was wondering if you knew of a safe de-greaser that can be used on a painted surface. We are cleaning all the window sills and don’t want to damage any of the paint.

Answer: Thanks for the sweet words. Use the Holy Cow Cleaner. It’s non toxic and completely safe on painted surfaces. Clean and rinse with clear water, dry completely.