All those Pesky Critters

I got a great call from Magnolia Texas just this morning and I wanted to share it with you. A sweet reader called me and was not happy with some birds that were nesting above her front door porch and ruining her paint and making such a mess. She would clean every few days, but it always was a chore and she was desperate for a product that would keep the birds away short of a pellet gun. We talked about Bye Bye Birdie and how this caulk will keep those birds from lighting and nesting over her front door. Then she told me that she reads the article every week and said “you just know how to do everything and my husband and I just can’t do all those jobs like you do, but we do think that we can operate a caulking gun if that will get rid of those birds!”. I laughed, she laughed. But this is what the article is all about. Encouraging you to try to start doing small jobs around the house and when you tackle one job and it all works out- I just might be able to talk you into doing the next one saving yourself some money each time. Everything is really easy once you know how to do it and you have the right product! If you are lucky you will be having company come to your house before long, and those little projects that you have been putting off all year will need to be done. So email me, I will tell you how to get it done, and then you can tell everyone that you did it, they will be amazed and with your encouragement they might try a little DIY job too. God Bless your week!

Now to the email…..

Question: Last week you talked about a mouse repellent but I lost the article, and I was wondering if you can use the repellent outside?

Answer: The Mouse Repellent is called ShakeAway Mouse Repellent. Genius right? It really isn’t made for the outside, because it is really can’t handle the outside elements. But ShakeAway does make a Rodent Repellent and that is for the outside. It is still the same formula of organic ingredients just 50% stronger.

Question: Do you recommend Quick Shine to bring back dark wood floors? My floors have a lot of little scratches and I was wondering if the Quick Shine would eliminate the scratches?

Answer: Quick Shine is great for wood floors, whether they are light wood or dark wood floors. Quick Shine will hid a multitude of sins on the floor and gives you a super shine. Apply the Quick Shine with a dry Swiffer and let dry. I applied 5 coats to my old floor and it really looked like I had the floor refinished. Quick Shine comes in a quart squeeze bottle and a gallon size. Remember Quick Shine is not a wax it is a polymer finish and never has to be stripped off. If your floors are not as shiny as they used to be, just add another coat of Quick Shine. It never yellows or builds up.

Question: I have a couple of sinks that have a discoloration around the drain. I was wondering if there is anything that I could apply to the drain to cover that up.

Answer: There is a product called Sinktastic and is a drain cover and stopper. It will cover up the damage and also be a great stopper for your sink. It fits most all drains and comes in 3 colors, black, stainless, and white.

Question: Fruit flies have inundated my kitchen. What can I do to get rid of them? I have a disposal and my son has guinea pigs in his bedroom that is on the other side of the house. Would that have anything to do with them in my kitchen? Help.

Answer: If the fruit flies are just in the kitchen then I would say the problem is in the kitchen. Use a product called Pantry Pest. It’s a trap with a attractant in it and will last for 30 days. There are 2 in the package.