Medline Skin Repair

The cold weather is here and for some of my customers it’s that cold that really affects their skin. Their hands get dry , chapped and itchy. Medline Skin Repair Crème is a crème that is so soothing to dry skin and if your skin is thin, cold weather makes it worse. A nurse told us about Medline Skin Repair Crème once and we starting ordering it as soon as we were back at work. Most men like it because it has very little fragrance and is not greasy. Squeeze some on your hands and it’s immediately absorbed into the skin. If your skin is thin and tears easily then Medline really helps in the healing process. If you have damaged skin from constantly being in water then Medline is your crème. Medline Skin Repair is in my desk, and I can apply it and I can still work on my computer because it is absorbed so quickly in my skin. Back when we bought the store a man called us and told us Two Old Goats . It’s a crazy name for a product, right? But Two Old Goats is a lotion that many of my arthritic suffering customers come in and buy all the time. They like it because they can apply it as much as they want, anytime and they get relief from pain. I used it when I was still experiencing nerve sensitivity from radiation treatment and boy did it help. It has a very light fragrance, and is not oily so there is no staining on clothes or anything you might be working on. Two Old Goats has a goat’s milk base and essential oils that include lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint and birch bark.

My Mom and I want to wish a very Merry Christmas to you and all your family! Celebrate the Season of the New Born King!

Now to the email….

Question: I have stains from well water that turns the inside of my toilet tank dark and the water stains the bowl as well. I talked to you the other day and I know I can use the Delete Germ in my bowl to take care of stains, but what can I use in the tank?

Answer: For the longest time there was nothing to use in the tank because of the O rings that would be damaged from any acid. But now there is Hurri Clean that will clean out the tank and make it nice and white again. Just drop a Hurri Clean tablet in the tank and let it work safely. It’s like scrubbing fizzies for your tank and then you will not get that ugly water stain transferred down to the bowl.

Question: Trudy I have this old brass dinner bell that I love and I keep outside on the porch. Keeping it polished is such a ordeal. Is there a easier way to clean it, and then keep it from tarnishing so quickly?

Answer: All Gleam is a wonderful metal polish that will make cleaning your bell easy. Just apply with a soft cloth and buff dry. All Gleam can be used on almost all metal surfaces including brass, pewter, brass, tin, gold and silver. Now if you want to keep it looking polished for months (year) spray the newly polished bell with Superior Shield. It’s a spray that can stand up to the elements and keep that dinner bell from tarnishing. Use both the All Gleam and Superior Shield together on any metal products like your door handle set, your silver trays, antique pitchers and not polish for months afterwards.

Question: I have a toilet flapper that is just not getting the job done. It will either drop too soon or too late so I am wasting water with every flush. So what flapper is the best?

Answer: Frugal Flush Flapper is the flapper with an adjustable valve. Install the flapper just like every other flapper and then flush. Lift the lid of the tank and watch the flapper; it should drop at the time when the bowl empties. Any sooner or later is just a waste of water. Adjust the valve on the flapper so you can get a perfect flushing toilet.