Fresh Wave

I keep a small trash can outside my back door in the garage that I tell myself I am just going to put paper trash, junk mail, empty bags so that I put it in the right garbage can outside. One morning when I was taking out that trash a smell overtook me. Sure enough a piece of stinky trash had made its way into my little garbage trashcan and that odor had really penetrated deep into the material of the can. We carry lots of odor absorbers, but only one that has soap cleaning base it’s called Fresh Wave. We bought Fresh Wave at the last National Hardware Show and I really like the fact that it is completely free of harsh chemicals, it’s all natural ingredients, and it has a light pine scent. I put Fresh Wave Laundry Fresh Wash into the stinky can and filled with water and let it sit while I went to work. When I came home, I rinsed out the can and took a deep sniff into the can, no odor but a light pine fragrance. I used it on a sponge that was brand new but had been left in the sink with decomposing strawberries (okay I am being very transparent) and since it was a new sponge I didn’t want to throw it away. I poured the Fresh Wave onto the sponge, let it sit for a day and when I returned home and rinsed out the sponge and it had no smell. Fresh Wave makes “Fresh Pod” that is a refillable case that is perfect for trash cans, closets, diaper pails, lockers, boats and RV’s any little tight space. It has an adhesive backing so you can adhere it to any flat dry surface and provide continuous odor elimination. Fresh Wave has all kinds of answers to stinky situations, and it’s made in the USA.




Now to the email…..

Question: I know you wrote about the Dorcy light- so do you think it would be a good light for the attic?

Answer: Yes I do, but remember it is on a timer and it will time off if you are not in front of it. I think it would be a perfect light for when you first get in the attic to get you to the lighting you already have installed. It would light the way.

Question: I am going to start the New Year off right this year! I am going to try and keep the bugs and pests out of my house on my own instead of using the pest control I always have. Give me a step by step of using the Shoo Fly please.

Answer: Good for you and it’s so easy to do. Spray with the Shoo Fly all around the baseboards and window sills inside the house. Spray the doorways going outside. If you have small pets, or small children Shoo Fly is safe as soon as the Shoo Fly is dry (about 20 minutes). If you will spray every 90 days you will not have any problem with ants, roaches, scorpions, any little crawling thing will die after walking over it.

Question: Trudy since we are not using the AC unit in the house as much since it is cooler, do I have to change out the filters ever 30 days anyway?

Answer: If you are using a Merv 6 -8 pleated filter you should be able to go 90 days without changing out your filter. If that falls during this season of the year, I would still change it out because dust is still in the air and when you turn on the unit you want the filter to be able to keep the dust from off the coils. If cleaning the coils is what you need to do, use the K.O. Dirt Blaster. It will melt off the dirt and dust on the coils and keep the unit running efficiently.