Scrub Daddy

This week we finally received in Scrub Daddy !! Scrub Daddy is one of the coolest non-scratch sponges that I have ever seen because Scrub Daddy sponges change sponge texture with the temperature of the water you are using to clean with. If you are cleaning using cold water they stay very firm and can scrub debris off pots and pans without scratching. If you immerse the sponge in warm water it becomes soft and can safely clean dishes and glassware. Scrub Daddy will remove many stains with just plain water minimizing the need for harsh chemicals. If you are cleaning something delicate like glassware and then if you want to turn around and scrub the glass top stove stick the sponge in ice water and it will firm up and you can keep cleaning. I just thought of all kinds of ways to use the sponge around the house, cleaning my car tires, cleaning my glass shower door, my outdoor furniture, and the dog bowl. The Scrub Daddy is very ergonomic and has holes where you can insert you fingers to clean easier. Food and debris do not stick to the sponge and when you want to wash Scrub Daddy you can put it in the laundry or in the dishwasher. Only when the Scrub Daddy is crumbly is it ready for retirement. The sponges comes in three colors in a pack so you can put one under the sink, one in the bath, and one in the garage and retails for 10.99.

For those of you who listen to the Happy Handy Man Show, Saturdays on KKYX we will be moving the show to WOAI 1200 AM – Saturday at 3-4pm. Our new show starts in February and I have to tell you we are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue our broadcast. If you like the articles please tune in on Saturdays starting in February.

Now to the email……

Question: I have an outdoor concrete patio that we have painted. With all the rain this year I have noticed that the paint is popping up in areas and just flaking everywhere. What can I do to fix this? How do I remove the rest of the paint and what kind of paint will stick to the concrete? Why did it pop up? I cleaned the concrete and used a concrete paint.

Answer: You have moisture coming up through the concrete because there is no moisture barrier under the patio which is not surprising. Drylok makes a product that will stop hydrostatic pressure from coming up called DryLok Clear Water Proof . This is the only one that you can use on the floor. Remove all the existing paint on the patio by using Soy Gel Paint Remover. Brush on the Soy Gel and let it work for about an hour, then check and see if the paint has released and if it has then you can scrape it off. Whatever Soy Gel is left can be washed off with a hose. It’s a completely green product so it will not harm your grass. When the patio is dry roll on the Drylok Water Proof, it’s a high gloss product so you will need to add a Skid Additive to the DryLok so it will not be slick if it gets wet. If you really want to paint the patio still use any 100% Latex Floor Paint and add the Skid Additive to the paint instead of the DryLok. Great question!!

Question: What can I do to fix my sliding glass door? It is so hard to open and close but I really don’t want to replace it and was hoping you might have a solution.

Answer: There are a few things that I think might help, first clean the track with paint thinner on a rag which will remove all the grime. Straighten the track if it is bent with a pair of pliers making sure the door has a straight surface to roll over. Then spray the track with the best lubricant for sliding glass door and that’s Tri Flow. And last there is a stainless steel track that you can install that will give your door a smooth surface to slide over incase the track is really bent.