Stonetech Cleaning Grout And Tile

I can’t tell you how many calls I get about cleaning tile floor grout. It’s hard to get it clean and it’s just a hard job physically to do and especially if when you get done you are still not happy about it. And then if it’s not sealed it will be dirty all over again before you know it. Stonetech was the first line of cleaners that we carried for granite, marble and travertine and we still do. And recently they sent me a sample of DeepKlenz and it sat on my desk for about a month. One day one of my employees was remarking how dirty the tile was under his desk and did I mind if he used the Stonetech product. Well he sprayed it on the floor tile, gave it a scrub and then rinsed thoroughly. To tell you we were shocked would be a mild reaction; it cleaned the tile down to where it looked brand new. This is a great product for floor grout because it is such a deep cleaner and still safe enough to use on granite, marble, travertine, natural and artificial stone. Use a wallpaper brush to clean the grout because they are 12 inches long and you can clean 2 feet at a time instead of 6 inches with a small brush. When you are finished cleaning, take the time and seal with Stonetech Heavy Duty Sealer.

Now to the email……

Question: I leave early for work each morning and since it is really chilly in the house in the morning I turn on my heater, warm up the house and leave for work. I have accidently left in on so many times when I am in a hurry to leave and paid for all day a heater that is heating up an empty home. What is the name of the personal heater that you talked about on TV a month ago?

Answer: The Big Heat. It’s the best personal heater that I know of to date. It has a quick 1500 watt ceramic heating element, a handle on top to carry it from room to room, and a thermostat so you can set the temperature. We tested a few heaters this year when we were looking for a personal heater and the others just didn’t perform half as well as The Big Heat. Instead of turning on your heater in the morning, just take The Big Heat with you from room to room as you get ready for work. I use it all the time- my Big Heat, and my fireplace.

Question: I have some very expensive metal outdoor furniture that has developed rusty areas. I want to take care of it myself. I have recently retired and I plan on doing all these projects that I used to pay someone else to do. So how do I take care of the rust? And how to I maintain the furniture so it doesn’t rust again?

Answer: The product is called Rust Cure . Look at the area that is rusting, if there is flakey rust sand it off lightly, and then wipe off the dust. Spray the Rust Cure in the rusting area and leave it alone for a hour- cover anything that the Rust Cure might drip on. After a hour wipe off the oily residue and then leave it alone for a week. In that week it will cure and turn gun metal grey. It will be your choice whether to paint it after that or not, and if you need to paint no primer will be needed because the Rust Cure is a primer also. The furniture will not ever rust in that area again, it’s cured for life!

Question: I love the article, and I cut them out all and file them so I can go back to them later. The other day I dropped my file and they went everywhere. I know your Dad had a book- is it still available?

Answer: It sure it, Vol. 10 of The Best of Johnnie Chuoke is still in print. It’s a great reference, and it categorized from AC to Wood and includes a Survival Kit. The book is a great gift for new homeowners and new DIYers. And it won’t fall apart if you drop it- HA!