Not In My Gutter

The leaves are falling in San Antonio and if you have gutters and no gutter guards on top of them you know how messy your gutters can get. The leaves will clog up the gutters and before you know it you are up there on a ladder to tall for comfort spending time digging out leaves and gunk. Amerimax makes an inexpensive gutter guard that you can install yourself so easily. “ Not in my Gutter” is what we like to call our gutter guard because it will keep most leaves out of the gutter, and helps keep out those crazy pine needles . NIMG (Not in my Gutter) simply slips into the groove on the gutter and underneath the shingle on the roof. They come in white and brown and are 36 inches in length. If you have checked prices on gutter guards and it left you breathless, you will be happy to know that the NIMG are less than $5 and so you can do 100 feet of gutter guard for less than $150.00 and then know that you will never be cleaning out gutters again.

Now to the email….

Question: We have a lake house and it has original paneling that is on most of the walls. I really like the lodge-y look of the paneling but it looks dry and dull. My husband wants to paint it and if we can’t make it look better, then we may paint it. But painting it sounds like a lot of trouble. Is there something we could use on it to freshen it up, without covering it up?

Answer: You say it looks dull, so a perfect product would be Feed and Wax. Feed and Wax applied with a soft towel and then buffing dry would go a long way in restoring the color back into the paneling. If the paneling is real dry you might apply, wait a week and then put another coat on. Feed and Wax is a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil. Not only will the paneling look good again, your lake house will smell like an orange grove.

Question: I get fire ants on my property and I would like to get ahead of it instead of just trying to catch up – what do you suggest using?

Answer: Ortho Fire Ant Killer is the one that I would use. You just put it on the mound and let it work. It might take a little bit longer, but it will kill the queen and then you won’t just be chasing the fire ants around the yard.

Question: What is the best way to keep mildew off the outside furniture? I clean it off (lots of trouble) and in a few weeks it is back. I also cover my boat and when I take the cover off the seats look terrible. Tell me what I can do?

Answer: Clean the furniture and the boat seats with 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner first. That will clean off all the mildew. Then use a product called Clear Shell on the outside furniture and boat seats, it will form a protective coating against mildew that will last up to 18 months. Clear Shell is formulated to use on a variety of surfaces, boats, awnings, siding and decks.

Question: I have mole problems. They are everywhere around my property, in my flower beds and around the house. I am scared they are going to start digging under the house and storage buildings. Is there anything I can do, organic would be great ….but I am getting desperate, and really would like to do this myself because a know pest control pros would be expensive.

Answer: Ok there is nothing cute about a mole…squirrels, raccoons, all of that pesky bunch cute in there on way…but moles got hit with an ugly stick. They do so much damage burrowing and digging for their main source of food, earthworms. Messina makes a Mole and Vole Stopper in a Ready to Use pump up sprayer that you just put in the areas where you see activity. And all of Messina products are organic and will not harm your foliage or other animals. It’s a smell and bitter taste type of repellant and can be applied once a month.