No DIY or Home Maintenance Time?

Last week I was reading a magazine for hardware stores because I get ideas for new products and how they might apply to my customer. On the last page, where it might easily have been missed was an editorial on a trend that I was not aware of. They quoted that the consumer does not think that they have time in their life for DIY or home maintenance, and it was a continuing trend since 2006. Well I was shocked, really, and I made a decision right then that I would always make sure that these articles would help you by supplying the right products and to present to you how easy it is to get the project done. So with that in mind I want to write about floors and how to keep them looking good. If you have a floor that has seen better days, and I mean it used to shine, there is such an easy way to put shine back on the floor. Whether it is a laminate wood looking floor, or a real wood floor, a tile floor, a concrete floor, a older no wax floor, nothing puts shine back onto a floor as easy as Quick Shine. It’s easier that mopping, because it’s just a one step, doesn’t take any special equipment, and will provide a shine after just one coat. It’s immediate gratification. You never have to remove Quick Shine to apply another coat, Quick Shine literally walks off so when the floor is not as shiny as you would like, you just apply another coat. And no it doesn’t make the floor slippery, just high shine. Simple, really simple. And most DiY jobs are like that. Let me tell you a little story, most of you know that at one time we owned 5 lumber yards and the yards were all on computer, one computer. So if this one computer went down, they all went down. But we had an IT guy, so I didn’t worry much about it, it was his job until he quit and went to work in the ministry. So it became my job and before I knew it our computer system went down and I was faced with repairing the system myself, or letting a tech come down and do it. Our computer company assured me this was something I could do….I was convinced I could not. With the part in my hand and the phone on speaker, the tech walked my through replacing a Mother Board, and when I got done I realized I had been paying someone big bucks to do a job that I easily could do. And from that day forward, I did. What’s the moral to this story…

Everything is easy if you know how to do it and you have the right product!!

And telling you the right product and the way to do it is my job! So what is a project that you have wanted to tackle, but was just intimated by it – send me a little email…I will tell you what to do….and if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted….well we will just call a handyman….oh wait… that’s you!

Question: I broke my leg and was forced to be in a wheelchair while I was healing. Well since I have not ever been in a wheel chair let me tell you they are harder to maneuver than they look. My baseboards are all scuffed up and scratched from the wheelchair and so now I am wondering how to fix all that? I used Old English, but it didn’t quite do the job. What should I do now?

Answer: Do you have some Restore A Finish? Get the color that is the closest to the stain on the trim, and just go over it using a soft rag. You can do a couple of coats. It will go through the varnish and color the wood underneath and cover up all the little scratches. If you do that and it still doesn’t look like you want, then get a gel stain closest to the trim color. I like Zar, or General Stains and just apply it with a foam brush and then blend it in with a soft rag. It doesn’t take a lot. Gel Stains are real easy to work with. Glad you are all better!