Don't Get Caught Flat

My day started out crummy. I was headed to work early to research some things before writing this article and I noticed while driving that my car seemed weird. I stopped at a light and a nice driver honked at me and told me I had a flat tire. I was probably a mile away from anywhere that I could get air in that tire and I was just sick driving on the rim, knowing I was doing damage to the tire and rim. I pulled into a gas station to find out that their air machine didn’t work. I walked to work (right across the street) and called the tire place I do business with only to find out they no longer do road side service. We have a O’ Reilly’s down the way from us and I asked him if they could go air up my tire so I could go get it fixed, and I got a big, fat “No Ma’am”. Then he said he would loan me a personal sized compressor to air it up myself. Now I don’t usually talk about stuff like this, it’s not my expertise. But if you have kids that go off to college, and you don’t have AAA, your single…you need one of these compressors just to keep in the trunk. I’m getting one for my daughter this week! I texted my Best Friend and told her she needed to keep one handy because she and her husband are traveling a lot. We don’t sell them at the store, but we are getting them in pronto! Get one that you can plug right where you plug your phone charger, and then fasten to the tire valve. It should screw down on the valve, and then you just flip the switch to ON. In about 4 minutes, it will have your tire fully inflated and then you can drive it to get fixed. I paid $45 for mine today and it was a bargain.

Now to the email…..

Question: I have 2 issues that I need help with. My son’s cousin set a hot casserole dish on their breakfast room wood table and it caused a “heat spot”. How do I fix this on the table? And second I have a buildup of hair spray on the back of a wood chair. How do I safely remove that?

Answer: To take care of the spot on the table just use the White Ring Remover made by Jasco. It comes in a zip lock bag so you can re-use the rag over and over again. Wipe it over the spot and it will remove the moisture that causes the hazing. To clean off the back of the chair, use some paint thinner on a rag and clean it off. The paint thinner won’t harm the finish. If it is a stained and varnished chair, use a little Feed and Wax on it to put a glow back into the wood. If it is a painted chair just wipe it down with a little soap and water, and buff dry.

Question: What strength do you use to dilute Delete Germ to clean ceramic tile and the grout?

Answer: You never want to dilute the Delete Germ (try saying that 3 times) always use it full strength because if you dilute it you will ruin the formula that works so well. It’s completely safe on ceramic tile and grout and will polish up that tile to look like new again.

Question: I bought a drain cleaner a few years ago and boy did it work great! It was in a red bottle and granular and now I can’t find it on the website. Help!!

Answer: Well Drain Out has gone through a face lift. It was granular but now it’s a liquid. There are 2 Drain Out formulas, one for the bath that is made for hair and soap. And then there is one for the kitchen that is made for food and grease. I had a long talk with the Drain Out inventor and he assured me that he had spent almost 2 years making this change and it was definitely a good change. We have been selling the new formulation for a year now and have been real happy.