Keep Cool This Summer with Regency Fans

Before you know it the weather will go from spring to summer and instead of cool mornings and pleasant afternoons it will be muggy and hot. Get your home ready by having the best ceiling fans that will keep you cool and comfortable without putting the squeeze your energy pocketbook. Regency Fans have come out with several new fans that I want to talk to you about. The Vail Fan is a 52” DC motor fan( runs even more economically) that has 6 speeds and a 14 degree pitch on the blades. The Vail comes with a remote, a 2700K warm white LED light kit and in four finishes of nickel, oil rubber bronze, matte black and white. The white, bronze and black fans can be used either inside or outside so they are very versatile. If you have a big patio with large outdoor areas check out the new Vantage Fan. It is an 8 blade fan that is 66 inches from blade tip to tip with a 12.5 degree of pitch on the blade. The Vantage comes with a remote, 2700K LED light kit and when you have the fan cranked up to the highest speed you better make sure things are nailed down! It moves an unbelievable amount of air that will keep you comfortable even during the 4 th of July. One of the prettiest outdoor fans that Regency has is the Andros fan. It is 52” fan with a 14 degree pitch a “vintage” looking light kit and remote. Another new fan for inside is the Hover Fan. It has the same light kit as the new outdoor fans with 6 speedsand a remote. You have a choice of blades on this fan from dark walnut, silver or cherry. The blades are 56” from tip to tip and have a 14 degree pitch so if you are wondering if this fan can keep you cool this summer -the answer is YES!! I just wanted you to be informed about what is available – to look at all the Regency Fans available go to

Now to the email……

Question: My renters put 1” holes in the tile of the shower. Is there any product that can fill that hole that is made in the porcelain tile?

Answer: You have two options, there is a product called Mildew Free Sealant that comes in white and in off white. You could fill the holes and make it flush with the tile. This sealant is guaranteed not to mildew for 7 years and will keep moisture from going behind the tile and causing damage. I did this in my shower. The only other option is to replace the tile.

Question: Last year we had some damage to a ceiling in a closet from the over flow pan of the air conditioner. It was expensive an so unnecessary. Besides putting bleach down that tiny pipe by the unit is there a way to keep the algae from building up again so we don’t have that problem?

Answer: Use the Actabs EE. If the drain gets slow and the water starts to rise in the pan the Actabs EE will release a drain cleaner until the water level goes back down again. Just put the packet in the back of the pan, with the holes down. It’s a good thing to throw up in the pan at the start of the summer season.

Question: Trudy, how do I clean a glass oven door without using a product that produces tons of fumes. I can’t take the smell of those cleaners.

Answer: Use the Holy Cow Concentrated Cleaner . Spray it on the cool oven door and let it sit for a while. Then use a 3M scrubby sponge to clean with, rinse well and wipe dry. The Holy Cow will even take grease off car engines!

Question: I have a front loading washing machine, and the rubber gasket smells. It will make my whole machine stink! What can I do?

Answer: Spray the rubber with Bio Zapp and then leave the door of the washer open when you are not using it.