National Hardware Show

In less than a month I will be going to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. It’s the most exciting show that I go to each year and I’m looking forward more to it this year more than ever. If you have any product that you would like to see us handle at the store, please call me and let me look for it at the Hardware Show. I would love to take all you there to see all the innovative products that are in “new” items area. I remember the first year we saw “ Little Big Shot” water garden handle and we ordered it and now it is a staple in our garden area. And then there was “ 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner” that has been a great cleaner for outdoor use, “ Goof Off Rust Remover” but my favorite so far to this date is Gianni Granite Paint for laminate. It truly is a product that transformed laminate so that it looked like granite and it was something that you could do yourself in a weekend, amazing! Its still 4 years later a huge seller at the store and they are always coming up with new colors. Take a look at their website if you want to see some amazing transformations.

Now to the email….

Question: I had a leak under my sink and didn’t know it until the next morning. It completely soaked and ruined my cabinet bottom. How do I dry it out? Is the whole cabinet ruined?

Answer: Pull out the floor of the cabinet leaving the toe kick in place and let the area dry out. Use a small heater to aid in drying out the cabinet. If you start to get any musty smell, open up an Air Sponge and let it clear the air. After the cabinet is completely dried out replace the floor of the cabinet with plywood that is good on 1 side.

Question: I am looking for a good ceiling fan for a back bedroom. I know that you talk about certain things to look for in a ceiling fan, so I am wondering what is really important and how long a warranty should be on a fan.

Answer: I like and personally use Regency Ceiling Fans. What is really important in South Texas is that a fan keeps you cool so that you can trick the thermostat. What I mean by that is that a fan should provide a “wind chill” that makes you feel cooler than the thermostat in the room says that it is. So look for a pitch on the blade to be 12 degrees or more, and definitely you want a life time warranty on the motor. Next look for the finish on the fan, whether you just want a white fan that might just blend into the ceiling or a brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronzed fan to go with the hardware in the home. If you need a light on the fan look for the new LED light kits that provide a really nice white light knowing that it will be years before the lights will ever have to be switched out. And last look for a fan that has a heavy duty triple capacitor so your fan never will make any noise that would possible keep you awake at night. I would go to and take a look at every fan that they have.

Question: I want a product to clean mirrors and glass that does not streak. Everything that I use drips and leaves streaks and just doesn’t do a good job. I used newspaper like people suggest, but I really don’t think that does a good job either. I’m open for suggestion…what do you think?

Answer: In the gift shop and in the store I use No Streak to clean all the glass shelving and it leaves them spotless and will remove all the finger prints. Now we also use a Super Cloth that is a micro fiber rag that I can rinse and let dry and use again. No Streak is an aerosol that will clean mirrors and glass and will leave a protective coating. If you would rather use a non chemical cleaning method use an E Cloth that is made for glass and mirrors.