Flexi Scour

About a month ago a customer came into the store asking why we didn’t have a product that he really wanted. I had never heard of the product but it sounded like a good idea so I called the vendor and asked them to send us a carton. The product is called Flexi Scour and it is a flexible scrubbing screen made by the Pumie company. I was a little leery when we got them in but immediately took one home to try on cleaning my toilets. I was shocked, these little screens are awesome. They are flexible so they can get in all the little curves under the rim of your toilet. You can remove tough, tough hard water stains without any cleaner, mildew literally is wiped away with a few swipes no wonder this customer was anxious to have them in the store. Flexi Scour devours baked on food from grills and grates and really does a better job than scratch pads and cleaners. I don’t have a pool, but many of you that contact me about hard water build up on tile around the pool edge should try the Flexi Scour. As always try in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure it does not scratch your tile. Flexi Scour is under $2.00 and a good new product to keep around the house. If you have a product that you love around the house, share it with me and I can share it with all your neighbors.

Question: Our pergola is about 6 years old we have some rotting wood on three of the upright supports. Is there some way to repair this without replacing the support columns?

Answer: Yes you can with a product called Minwax Wood Hardener. Remove the paint at the bottom of the columns where your soft wood is by either sanding or using a remover. I don’t think that you will need to sand that much; it looks like that the paint will easily flake off. Once the paint is removed apply the Minwax Wood Hardener with an inexpensive foam brush. Minwax Wood Hardener has a capillary action that causes the wood to absorb the hardener down to the good wood. Apply 3 thin coats letting dry between coats. The final coat will be shiny and that means that the column has absorbed all of the hardener that it can. Wait 24 hours. The column will be rock hard again. If you had any void areas, this would be the time to apply the Minwax Wood Filler. Sand the filler smooth in 20 minutes, and then the next day you will be ready to do touch up painting. No primer is required.

Question: Our granite countertops have hard water stains that are virtually impossible to remove. What product do your suggest I use?

Answer: I am thinking that most of the stains are by the faucets and I want you to do 2 things. Use Granite Gold Shower Cleaner and spray on the stain let sit for a few minutes. Then using a straight edge razor blade (the kind that you remove window stickers with) scrape smoothly across the granite to remove the bulk of the build- up, rinse with the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. Use the Granite Gold Sealer and wipe in with a lint free cloth. Wait 2 hours before using your countertop your granite will look good as new!

Question: We had a little rent house leveled and I thought that fixing that problem would fix all the little cracks in the sheetrock around the doorways and windows. How do we fix those and can we do them ourselves?

Answer: Sure you can and this is an easy fix! I would let the house settle a few weeks before tackling this to make sure that any additional settling does not open up any other areas. Fill in the cracks with a spackling called DryDex. DryDex goes on pink, and then dries to white. After the DryDex is dry, spray the crack with Good Bye Cracks in light coats over the surface. You will want to spray the crack 3 times, remembering to spray light coats on the crack. After that you can paint, no priming required.