Howards Products

I want to tell about another product that we picked up at the last Do It Best Show from Howards. Howard’s knows about taking care of wood, from Restor A Finish, Feed and Wax and now Finish Fixer. Finish Fixer is a semi hard putty stick that will fix nail holes, nicks in wood furniture and abrasions that happen on wood. I have seen putty sticks before and never thought much about them because they are either too hard and won’t go into a small dents, or so soft that when you polished it into the wood it would just disappear. But the Finish Fixer is a firm stick, but soft enough to go into the smallest dents, or chips and stay put. We have a piece of display furniture at the store that has many chips and dents and I tried the Finish Fixer really not expecting much, but to my surprise it did a wonderful job. In fact after polishing the stick into the table, if I had not known exactly where the chip was I would never have found it. To use the stick you can either shave off a part and apply it directly on to the dent and rub in until the area is level, buff off any of the excess. Or you can rub the stick directly onto the furniture filling up the dent, buff smooth. The Finish Fixer comes in seven colors, neutral, golden oak, walnut, mahogany, dark walnut, dark oak and cherry. Use it on furniture, antiques, picture frames, paneling and hard leather to repair any abrasion. So now your furniture has no excuse not looking great and with Howard Products it’s easy!

Now to the email…..

Question: We have moved into a house where all the drawers were lined with contact paper. I know why, when I removed the contact paper the drawers looked awful. They are stained and dirty. And now they are stained, dirty and sticky! I want to paint them and make them look good- so how do I do this?

Answer: To remove the stickiness use a product like Goof Off, or Lift Off for sticky surfaces spray it on and clean off with a sponge. You might have to clean several times to get down into the wood. Then once the surface is clean from any residue, you can paint. If it has been painted before, sand lightly and then you might want to use oil based enamel like Rust Scat Enamel by Coronado to paint with. It will provide a tough finish that will withstand cleaning and scrubbing. Use a natural bristle brush for the oil. If it has never been painted, you will need to prime with oil based primer first, then paint. Just don’t get in a hurry, and use a light colored paint so that you can see well in the drawers and cabinets. Great Question!

Question: Last weekend we had guests over to the house and we had dinner out on the flagstone patio. We had candles burning and when we took the candles inside wax dropped on the patio and left stains. How do I get rid of the stain? The house is on the market and I don’t want to cause anyone to question the stains.

Answer: I called Granite Gold and they said to remove the wax from the surface by putting down a thick paper towel and using a hot iron, rub the stain pulling the wax into the paper towels. Do this until the paper doesn’t remove anymore wax. Then using a formula of baking soda and acetone (the kind you get at a paint store, not the fingernail polish kind) make a paste the consistency of pancake batter and apply it to the stain. Let it sit overnight. The next morning sweep it off. Look at it the next day and if there is a shadow of a stain, repeat the procedure. Hope this helps!

Question: My vent hood is very dirty, greasy and can’t seem to find a product that will cut the grease and not leave such a greasy smear over the hood. And one more thing, I can’t handle any heavy chemical smell. Any ideas?

Answer: Use the Holy Cow Concentrate , which is an all green product and has no smell.