Delete Germ

When customers come in the store and tell me they want replace their old toilet I always ask, “Why”? I mean if it’s blue or green and they are remodeling then that makes sense. If your toilet is the right color and just not flushing efficiently then there are several things you can do. Under the rim of the toilet are little holes and if they are partially closed from hard water deposits that’s why you have to flush several times to get enough water pressure to clear the bowl. Using Delete Germ in the overflow pipe once a month to keep your toilet cleaned out will really make a difference in the flush. Put a cup in the overflow pipe at night (don’t flush the toilet) and let the Delete Germ work its way down through the rim and into the bowl. The next morning is a great time to use a brush or the Flexi Screen to clean the bowl. Delete Germ cleans down below the water line also, so the next time you go on vacation put your Delete Germ in the overflow pipe and let it work while you are gone. If it’s the flapper that is causing you to flush several times, then replace your old flapper with a Frugal Flush Flapper. It’s a flapper that is adjustable so that your flapper doesn’t set down too soon and not let enough water go through or stays open too long and wastes water. Your flapper should drop at just the time when the bowl has cleared, not sooner or later. There is a cap at the bottom of the flapper that you turn that will open up little holes in the flapper and you will adjust it until you locate the largest hole (the least amount of water used) to flush the toilet. So just because your toilet is older is no reason to get rid of it, just tune it up a bit and it will be flushing like a champ!

Now to the email…..

Question: A friend has smoked all his life and the smoke has penetrated the leather upholstery in his car. He has quit smoking and I want to know if there is a way to neutralize or remove the smell of smoke from the leather in the care or should he just trade it in?

Answer: Whoa….we can take care of that smoke smell just use a Air Sponge under the seat of the car and give it a couple of hours to start working. Then use the Bio Zapp on the carpet on the floor board and the headliner, it’s a clear liquid that does the same thing for fabric that Air Sponge will do for the air. Congrats to your friend for a great accomplishment!

Question: I am painting a dresser and I sanded it and now I want to prime it. My Dad always told me I could use a oil based paint to prime if I were going to use a oil based paint as my final coat. I have read some articles online but none really address this exact situation. Can you tell me if it will be alright to use a enamel paint for a base coat? I will be covering with high gloss oil based paint.

Answer: Your Dad said you can use oil based enamel for a primer because oil based paint will take a tooth into the wood just like oil based primer. And that’s what you want! But I am guessing that the oil based paint will have a gloss, and you will have to sand that gloss lightly before applying your final coats. Remember you can paint latex over oil or oil over latex you just cannot paint over a shiny surface. Great question!

Question: I have a new fiberglass bubble tub that I just love. But I am so nervous about how to keep it clean. I know I can’t use anything abrasive, so what do you think would be the best thing to use to keep it looking beautiful?

Answer: Use the Bring It On. It will clean without being too abrasive for your tub.