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Apple Chipotle Rub Bari's Pizza Powder Big Daddy's Smokehouse Hickory with Bacon Rub
Apple Chipotle Rub
Our Price: $12.99
Bari's Pizza Powder
Our Price: $12.99
The smoked apple wood flavor with a hint of chipotle. An excellent seasoning when cooking or smoking barbecuing chicken, brisket, ribs or vegetables. Bari’s Pizza Powder is designed to give you an added advantage over your pizza at home or delivered. It is great, especially the herbs and spices. It will be you and Jabari’s little secret, SO Enjoy! Especially made for those who love the flavor of hickory smoked bacon.
Habanero Pepper Powder Keg Hoochie Mama Mojave Garlic Rub
Hoochie Mama
Our Price: $8.99
Mojave Garlic Rub
Our Price: $12.99
Texas GunPowder Habanero Pepper Powder Keg: It may be small, but it packs a powerful punch! Pure habanero powder in a small easy-to-carry container. They call these powder kegs for a reason - they explode with heat! With a name like Hoochie Mama - you know it has to be spicy. Hoochie Mama has a medium level of heat from cayenne pepper, black pepper and chile powder. It is most often used by Competition BBQ cooks on ribs and chicken. We also like it on Texas brisket. Best On: Chicken, Ribs & Brisket - good on anything! Hoochie Mama is sure to be the talk of your BBQ! Get Busted with a 'lil Hoochie Mama today! A cut above the rest in respect to its flavor and satisfaction when applied to beef and fish. A moderate hint of garlic and peppers has winner written all over it. Super on chicken and a delight when applied on prepared foods at the table.
Parmesean Blend Bread Dipping Seasonings Pecan Rub Sicilian Blend Bread Dipping Seasoning
Pecan Rub
Our Price: $12.99
The #1 selling rub seasoning, once a regional product, it has gained worldwide appeal in all markets. Very good on pork, poultry or fish.
Smokey Bourbon Rub Sugar Maple Rub Texas Brisket Rub
Smokey Bourbon Rub
Our Price: $12.99
Sugar Maple Rub
Our Price: $12.99
Texas Brisket Rub
Our Price: $12.99
Made for those that love good bourbon and that great smokey aroma. There is nothing like this on the market. Grilled, Smoked, or sautéed, this seasoning rub will be a delight for all. Very good on pork, poultry or fish. The great smell of smoked maple wood, the smell is intoxicating. Slowly catching up with pecan. Very good on pork, poultry or fish This blend is an award winning brisket rub, very popular and is an exceptionally flavorful. It is designed to hold the juices in while penetrating the beef and spreading flavor throughout the brisket or tri-tip.
Texas Chicken Tickler Texas Gun Powder Jalapeno Powder Tuscany Blend Bread Dipping Seasoning
Texas Chicken Tickler
Our Price: $12.99
Salt based, but not too salty this is a very versatile rub great on chicken, beef, and vegetables. It holds a Grand Champion title from the 2005 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo and many more, sure to be a favorite in your own kitchen.
The bottle is about the size of a spool of thread and comes with a re-closeable sifter top. It is small enough to carry in your pocket, lunch bag or toolkit, it will fit almost anywhere. Take it out, sprinkle it on and enjoy! But watch out - it is pure ground jalapeno powder. Texas GunPowder has a spicy-sweet flavor with a real BANG! Its' HOT = 5,000 scoville units. Use it on; Tex-Mex, sandwiches, eggs, soups, veggies, meats, snacks or any food. Texas GunPowder Hot! Jalapeno Powder.