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Jewel Clean by Hagarty Brasso Jeweler's Secret
Jewel Clean by Hagerty
Our Price: $4.99
Our Price: $5.59
Jeweler's Secret
Our Price: $5.99 Johnnie's Favorite
The professional way to maintain fine jewelry right at home. Cleans, polishes, and protects metal surfaces. Foaming jewelry cleaner. Rediscover the beauty of diamonds geamstones gold silver & platinum.
Twinkle Brass and Copper Cleaning Kit Twinkle Silver Polish Kit Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths
Twinkle brass and copper cleaner easily and quickly dissolves tarnish and cooked-on stains. Twinkle silver polish has a non-scratch formula that gently and quickly dissolves tarnish from silver, chrome, and other shiny surfaces. Moist polishing cloths that clean, polish, and protect any type of metal.
Wright's Brass Polish Wright's Silver Cream Wright's Anti-Tarnish Silver Polish
Wright's Brass Polish
Our Price: $6.99
Wright's Silver Cream
Our Price: $7.29
Make your brass glow. Wright's brass polish is effective for brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, bronze, and pewter. Make your silver shine. Wright's silver cream is the original, gentle, all-purpose polish for all silver. Hold that shine. Use Wright's anti-tarnish silver polish to clean, shine, and protect your sterling silver, silver plate, and silver jewelry.
Faucet Brite Faucet & Fixture Polish Goddard's Long Shine Silver Care Cloth Hagerty Foam Silver Cleaner
Faucet Brite Faucet & Fixture Polish by Gel Gloss
Our Price: $7.49 Johnnie's Favorite
Works on faucets and fixtures. It will clean and seal and leave a protective coating that will repel water and resist tarnishing. Lightly wiping silver objects instantly gives beautiful shine and luster to silverware. The fast, simple, wash and rinse way to care for flatware and serving pieces that are used continuously.
Never Dull Wadding Polish Howard's Silver Polish Howard's Copper & Brass Polish
Howard's Silver Polish
Our Price: $7.99
Apply to surface to be cleaned and gently buff with a clean cloth. Quickly cleans and polishes all silver, silver plating, appliances and chrome fittings. Quickly and easily restores the beauty back to your copper & brass by removing years of tarnish and oxidation.
MAAS-- Polishing Cream for All Metals Goddard's Brass and Copper Polish Tarn-X Tarnish Remover
Tarn-X Tarnish Remover
Our Price: $9.99
Restores all metals, fiberglass, and nonporous surfaces to their original beauty. Quickly gives brass and copper a bright shine with less buffing. Removes tarnish quickly and easily - just wipe and rinse .
Flitz Polish Faucet Wax Metal Polish Hagerty 100 4 Oz. All Metal Polish
Flitz Polish for Metal, Plastic, & Fiberglass
Our Price: $10.99 Johnnie's Favorite
Faucet Wax Metal Polish
Our Price: $11.99

Concentrated liquid formula cleans and polishes.

Faucet wax seals, polishes, and protects. Water based, creme-like carnauba and beeswax formula will not scratch. Handles the toughest polishing jobs and produces a brilliant finish on all metals.
Superior Shield Clear Protective Coating
Superior Shield Clear Protective Coating
Our Price: $21.99 Johnnie's Favorite
Clear protective coating for brass, silver, copper, steel, wood, fiberglass and many other items.