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F-26 Heavy Adhesive
F-26 Heavy Adhesive
Our Price: $5.49

Premium grade, heavy-duty, professional quality construction adhesive. Bonds practically all construction materials including: wood sub-floor, metal-stud walls, door saddles and thresholds, metal moldings, fiberglass and fiberboard, loose brick or tile, and large panels of plywood, particle board, and more. After it is cured, it actually toughens with age. Bond is not affected by vibration or flexing. Fills gaps to bridge irregularities and voids in projects. Applies easy and dries fast in any climate. Bonds to wet or frozen lumber and withstands climate extremes from sub-zero temperatures to hot desert sun. Holds parts in place with only momentary pressure. Smears will not bleed through paint. Exceeds APA AFG-01 specifications and HUD/FHA use of materials bulletin No. 60. Color: Buff.
Tech Stain Remover, 18 oz.
Tech Stain Remover, 18 oz.
Our Price: $6.99

Multi-purpose.  Removes stubborn stains on clothing, carpet, upholstery, and vinyl
Tub O' Towels Carpet And Upholstery
Tub O' Towels Carpet And Upholstery
Our Price: $10.99

A tough, all-in-one cleaning formula that quickly removes the toughest stains through a proprietary blend of cleaners specifically designed to clean carpet and upholstery fibers.
All-In-One formulation removes tough stains including coffee, wine, permanent marker, pet stains, food stains, grass stains, blood, grease, latex paint, cosmetics, ink, crayons, shoe polish and other water-based stains. 40 Wipes per Package