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Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Clener Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner
Affresh tablets remove the source of odor in the washer by breaking up residue and washing it out. Specially formulated for smooth top stoves. Currently produced for major cooktop manufacturers. Citrus acid-based formula that will remove hard water mineral deposits as well as being effective in removing starches, proteins, and grease.
Dishwasher Magic E-Cloth Range and Stovetop Cloth E-Cloth Stainless Cleaning Pack
Dishwasher Magic
Our Price: $6.99
Dishwasher Magic safely and effectively removes lime scale, iron, soap scum, and grease left behind in your dishwasher. The E-Cloth Range & Stovetop Cloth cleans stovetops, oven surrounds and microwaves, removing grease, grime, stuck-on residues and over 99% of bacteria with just water. The E-Cloth Stainless Steel Pack is the complete solution for cleaning brushed & polished stainless steel, using just water.
Goo Gone 8 Oz. Coffee Maker Cleaner Holy Cow Concentrated Heavy Duty Degreaser Howard Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
Holy Cow Concentrated Heavy Duty Degreaser
Our Price: $6.99 Johnnie's Favorites
Removes mineral and lime deposits that build up over time, as well as bitter coffee oils left behind. Biodegradable, nontoxic and nonhazardous. Contains no citrus or chlorine based additives. Produces a beautiful shine without streaks.
Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner Quck Shine Stainless Steel Cleaner + Polish Sheila Shine (for stainless steel)
Sheila Shine (for stainless steel)
Our Price: $12.99 Johnnie's Favorite
Nonabrasive, streak-free formula restores showroom shine. Removes tough soil, smudges, stains, oil, and fingerprints. Cleans polishes protect stainless steel in one easy step. Nothing gives a better shine
Shines and polishes stainless steel, chrome, and other metal surfaces. Washer Magic Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pad (3 Count)
Washer Magic
Our Price: $7.99
Shines and polishes stainless steel, chrome, and other metal surfaces. Cleans lime, soap and rust from your washing machine. Wieman cooktop scrubbing pads are safe-to-use on glass, smooth top ranges.
Weiman Cooktop Cleaning Wipes Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner Whink Steam Iron Cleaner
Convenient way to quickly and easily clean and shine your glass/ceramic smooth top range and all gas stovetops. Cleans, shines, and protects glass cook top ranges. Removes clogging scale from steam and spray irons, vaporizers, and showerheads. Not for use with nonstick coating sole plates.
Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser Zep Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
Dissolves heavy grease and soils without leaving any residue. Zep stainless steel cleaner cleans, polishes, and protects in 1 step.